5 Must See Places in Fort Worth TX

Are you’re looking to visit Fort Worth? This vibrant city of cowboys and culture features a lot of wonderful sites and attractions. Whether you’re visiting alone, with your partner or with family, you can never run out of places to visit and things to do in Fort Worth TX. The following list features a fine selection of fun activities to help you put together your itinerary.

1. Visit the Fort Worth Zoo

The zoo started out with only a handful of animals in 1909. It now homes more than 7000 animals, both exotic and native. It hosts over 16 permanent exhibits of plants and animals including Texas Wild, World of Primates, Parrot Paradise and the Museum of Living Art. You and your family can enjoy some of the zoo’s state-of-the-art facilities including picnic areas, walkways, food outlets and shade structures.

2. Watch a performance at the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall

The Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall is home to some of the major performing arts organizations such as Symphony Orchestra, the Texas Ballet Theater, the Cliburn, and Worth Opera. A number of shows, events and attractions are also hosted here. The performance hall is a perfect destination for a romantic date night with your partner.

3. Eat at the Bird Cafe

The split-level restaurant is located in Sundance Square Plaza. It is the perfect location for a romantic dinner with your partner. It boasts of breathtaking views over the Plaza and features a large outdoor patio. Some of the delicious meals on the menu include freshly made salads and soups, stick meats, Prince Edward mussels and homemade pot pies.

4. Attend the Four Day Weekend

The Four Day Weekend is an award-winning comedy show that takes place at a theater on Houston street every Friday and Saturday night. It is one of the longest-running shows and is very popular in the South West. It was even voted one of “Fort Worth’s Greatest Ambassadors.” There’s a full bar service in the theater, and you can enjoy drinks while watching the one hour and 45 minutes show.

5. Watch the Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive

Fort Worth was once home to cowboys, cattlemen, and outlaws. Although urbanized, the city is yet to lose its identity. The Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive is proof. Twice everyday, real cowherds escort a herd of cattle down Exchange Avenue. The drive takes place at 11.30 am and later at 4.pm. The boots, hats, chaps, saddles and virtually every detail of the drive are kept historically true and authentic.

Fort Worth has a lot more to offer in terms of history and culture, art, shopping, food, and nightlife. It features attractions such as museums, restaurants, shopping complexes and theaters. There are fun activities that take place every day of the week such as the Herd Cattle Drive and McKinney Avenue Trolley. There are special days, too. The Four Day Weekend takes place on Friday and Saturday nights while the Modern Art Museum offers free admissions on Sunday. There are always fun things to do in Fort Worth TX.

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