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We can guarantee to exceed your expectations when it comes to customer service and handiwork. Bathtub Pros is the leading provider of bathtub refinishing [CITY] services whether for residential or rental properties. It takes a lot quicker to get your bathtub refinished instead of having a complete bathroom renovation. Just replacing your old tub can cause severe damage not only to your budget but also to your home. You are sure to get a tub that looks sparkly brand new for 75% less cost and hassle when you call on Bathtub Pros.

We want you to save money by choosing the simpler and more effective solution to damaged bathtubs. Most remodeling companies will recommend that you replace your bath or remodel your entire bathroom just because they will earn more.

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Benefits of Refinishing:

  • Hassle-free process to make your tub good as new!
  • Save your old tub for longer!
  • Quick and easy refurbishing procedures!
  • Spend only 25% of your tub replacement budget!

Bathtub Resurfacing Mesquite TX

Bathtub Resurfacing

Our bathroom refinishing solves all these problems:

  • Repair of damaged accessories
  • Re-coloring and re-finishing work
  • Strict money and time constraints
  • Refurbishing of fixtures
  • Patching-up of visible damages
  • Stuck-up messes and patches
  • Disgusting tile grouts and linings
  • Discoloration due to molds

Bathtub Repair Dallas

Understanding Bathtub Reglazing:

Re-glazing can be made for your bathtub in case you would want to create an impressively designed bathroom. Re-glazing is able to produce various kinds of finishes to your bathroom fixture to give it that aesthetic boost. The process will definitely address your style concern quickly and effectively. Reglazing is proven to make the tub more durable for a longer time as well. involves a two-step cleaning process that eliminates body oils, soap scum, and mineral deposits, followed by the repair of visible chips and cracks, then an application of a bonding agent to act as an adhesive between the old surface and the new finish, and finally the spray finish of long-lasting acrylic coating. Giving your bathtub the reglazing it needs automatically uplifts the look of a bathroom as a whole and adds value to your property.

Bathtub Pros is committed to achieving the highest rate of customer satisfaction. We are certainly a cut above the rest of bathtub repair companies out there. We maintain a high level of durability for bathtubs that we have refinished by following strict processes and not doing any shortcuts. Our customer service is of top priority at all times. We take pride in employing professional and polite workers who have been hired according to years of experience and good character.

Durable Bathtub Repair to Last for Longer :

This is because our personnel have undergone a rigorous training in our line of work so that we can be the best at what we do. No matter what type of surface your tub is – Formica, wood, plastic, fiberglass, porcelain or ceramic, our professional team can work their best and deliver outstanding results. Bathtub Pros knows exactly what to do to lengthen the life of your tub and help you spend less instead of just throwing a slightly chipped and faded tub away. As testament to the quality of our work, we offer a lifetime service warranty to all of our customers, which in itself is value for your money. Don’t think twice and call us now for a free quote. As a valuable customer, we want you to have a free and no-obligation quote so call us now and let us know how we can help you. We are willing to give you credible recommendations and care guidelines from manufacturers themselves so you can keep your bathtub in its best condition. We encourage non-abrasive and green ways of washing your tubs as heavy-duty chemicals can do more harm than good.

Bathtub Reglazing Dallas TX

Get Your Bathtub Refinished by the Pros Today:

You can spend the rest of your replacement budget on other things for your bathroom renovation. At Bathtub Pros, we are all about customer satisfaction. Our primary goal is for our customers to be ecstatic about how their bathtubs and sinks look after we are done with the job. We offer the best and most competitively prices solutions for your bathtub problems. We provide timely service and we will do our best to accommodate you in our schedule as soon as we receive your request.

Our professional staff is waiting to assist you so call us today!


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