Places To Visit In Plano TX

Would you like to come and visit one of the safest cities in the United States? How about visiting one of the best places to live? * Well, I’ve covered Plano. See the top 10 things you can do in Plano, TX.

Arbor Hills Nature Reserve

This large garden is open from 05:00 to 23:00. Cruise suites can be reserved for large parties, where children can go to the playground, and there are many parking lots for everyone to use. Arbor Hills has about 2.3 miles of pedestrian trails, jogging, biking, virgin nature trails and a trail for off-road cycling (around 2 miles). Be sure to check out the views of the Watchtower and Indian Creek.

Heritage Farmstead Museum

This 4-acre museum maintains a way of life during the farm boom of the early 20th century. The beautiful Victorian house and twelve additional buildings were the centers of a 360-acre farm managed by a resident, Amie Wilson.

Historic downtown Plano

With more than ten historical houses and brick streets with exclusive shops, they will be replanted on time. Most buildings and properties are defined as historical monuments.

Shops in Legacy

The Legacy Town Center houses homes, businesses, retail establishments, hotels, restaurants and urban-style open spaces in a community setting. It is a large urban area to hang out with friends, have a glass of wine, enjoy an alfresco dinner or go shopping.

Plane Balloon Festival

If you’re visiting in September, be sure to see the Globe Festival that includes 100 hot air balloons, parachuting enthusiasts, fireworks, concerts, food and more for three days.

Interurban Railway Museum

This small museum is located in the old haggard park in the building of the train station that was used in the old electric rail line that runs between Dallas and Denison from 1908 to 1948 after the cars became the method basic travel. Plano restored and converted the building to the museum in 1990. You can not miss the restored train car outside the museum.

Old Point Park & ​​Nature Preserve

On 800 acres, this is the largest park in Plano. It extends from Chapparal Road in the north to Parker Street in the south and swings left to right from Spring Creek Parkway from East to Los Rios Boulevard. Enjoy the outdoors and remember that there are concerts on the western edge of the conservatory on the airstrip.

Fairview Farms

What child does not like to ride a pony, row or play? Walk on this farm to see what life was like on the farm. Make sure you go through the market and take delicious fresh produce.

The main event

A great place for birthday parties or if you want to get bowling, mini golf or laser signs or some arcade games. There is so much to see here, so do it one day!

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