Bathtub Refinishing Paint

Purchasing a new bathtub could be done at a fair price at a hardware retail store, however, the expenses involved in taking away and replacing a bathtub unit will definitely be costlier.

The Importance of Refinishing

Homes are generally constructed around bathtubs, at the original construction. Many bathtubs are placed in a house during its original construction. To take out an existing bathtub, tub surrounds, finish products like trim, finish products like trim, and the plumbing that’s accumulated across the bathtub and will have to be eliminated.

Based on the bathtub’s measurement, it means that taking out a bathtub might demand to break it to pieces in order to slip it through the door. When setting up a replacement bathtub, it is necessary that the plumbing is reconfigured to be able to fit also recreate, the trim.The expenses, that may be encountered could certainly run into thousands of dollars, and the stress associated with changing a bathtub makes it a task that lots of homeowners prefer to stay away from.

On the other hand, refinishing a bathtub offers homeowners with time and cost-effective solution. Having low costs a bathtub refinishing service is able to include a new coating on a bathtub, which can be utilized again after about 4 days, without the extra delays a replacement could cause.

Although you will find DIY items are offered, bathtub refinishing is definitely best left to the experts.
Stripping off an old finish from a tub, application of the bathtub refinishing paint, patching and repairing
cracks or holes, and also ventilating the area to get rid of fumes generated during the refinishing procedure, are actions best left to a skilled specialist.

The Process

Refinishing services could have various methods and products differ from each other but the process largely comprises of the same steps.

Preparation of the Site

The process of bathtub refinishing is quite messy, hence, a lot of companies, make room for preventive measures to ensure overspray or dust stemming from the process does not get to other parts of the home. The area will include ventilation due to the nauseating odor of the process, also the bathroom is covered with sheeting or plastic through a painters tape.

Sanding the Bathtub

In order to start the refinishing process, the old finish was being removed. The finish must be taken off and the tub sanded, in order to achieve a surface which is smooth, to aid the new finish process.

Fixing Chips and Cracks

 All imperfections on the tub after the sanding step such as chips or cracks, still being seen, will have to be fixed.
Paint Coating

The final step of the refinishing is the application different layers of coating, using the bathtub refinishing paint, and then leaving it to dry off. After this is done a coat called the sealing coat is then utilized to finalize the refinishing process.


When bathtub refinishing is carried out by an expert specialist, it would take about 20 years before the process needs to be carried out again, which will take off the stress or worry, of having to do it frequently.
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