Benefits Of Tub Reglazing

After years of use a bathtub can become dull and unattractive and make taking a long soak next to impossible or just clash with the decor of your bathroom after a repainting or renovation. Dallas bathtub reglazing takes less time and costs a lot less than replacing your bathtub. Bathtub ReglazingThis is because the work is done on site and there is no demolition or removal of plumbing parts involved. It is possible to take on the project yourself although this is not generally recommended because of the work involved and the equipment used.

The reglazing or refinishing process is typically the same for all professionals even with different techniques or products. Preparing the site is the first step which is done to ensure that the rest of the bathroom is not affected by the process. The preparation includes covering the bathroom using heavy duty plastic and ventilating the area to prevent odors from affecting those in the house. The next step is to sand down the old finish in order to create a surface that is smooth enough for the application of the new finish. Any cracks or chips and any other imperfections are then replaced to even out the surface to ensure that the new finish that will be applied will adhere and last.

The final step involves allowing a primer and letting it dry then following this is followed by applying multiple layers of the refinishing coating that the professional will be using. The preceding coat is allowed to dry before applying a new one. After this has been done to satisfaction, a sealing coat is put on to finish off the process. Now all that is left is to let the products set which may take anywhere between two and four days. Once it has completely dried it can be used without fear of spoiling the finished work. When done right another bathtub reglazing will not be necessary for at least 15 years.

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