The Comprehensive Details Of Bathtub Reglazing

Repairing and cleaning of chips or scratches is often a great feature of refinishing projects or bath-ware. Research has shown that bonding and etching are done after repairing is completed. Nevertheless, reglazing is the final step to take once repairing has been done completely. The standard of the past stages will always be used as a determining factor for a successful reglazing process. Is your quest on the comprehensive details of bathtub reglazing? Reading through the enumerated points below will help effective on bathtub reglazing as required.

Preparing Your Bathtub:

It is important to know that bathtub emanating from different items is usually handled separately for the tub refinishing procedure. For example, a bathtub created from enamel or porcelain material over iron will need etching so as to get the preparation perfectly done. For a fiberglass bathtub carrying acrylic or gel coat, bonding and sanding is highly need for proper preparation.


Once the sanding and etching procedures have been done, it is now time to finally reglaze the bathtub. Research has proven that bathtubs often come in different contours and shapes. The finishing strategies are usually different for each of these shapes. Rolling and spraying are some of the common strategies used for refinishing. Acrylic top coats and primers remain some of the items used for this purpose.


The durability or longevity factor of the reglazing process is highly dependent on the strategies and items used. In most cases, if the finishes are done with thermal bond cross-linked acrylic resin, there is every possibility for it to last up to twenty years. This is simply because they are fortified and strong. In another word, it signifies that the material used is chemical resistant, nonporous, and colorfast. For this reason, the technique used will stay for a long time.

Materials Used:

Presently, you can find several items used for reglazing bathtubs. It is important to know that the durability of the different material used unleashes different durability strength. The best option is the industrial reglazing systems. This is because they are specially design for bathtubs of this nature. Some of the items used for this process include polyurethane based products, urethane, and acrylic based top coats. Research and records have discovered epoxy and paints worthy to be used, but often come of easily. With the comprehensive details in this article, you are sure to understand the basic concept of bathtub reglazing effectively.


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