Things To Do In Garland TX

Garland is a city that is more associated with a decent life, rather than being a true travel destination. But the recognition is worth it. It’s among the 100 best places for jewelry in Money magazine. Then it went gain on to more claims in recent years, recognized as one of the best cities and best places to raise a family. Soon this year, it was named “the third best city to live the American dream.”

Crushing the missing legend as a travel destination, here is a list of things to do in Garland TX.

1. Learn more about the city at the Garland Landmark Museum

The Garland Landmark Museum is located in the old Santa Fe warehouse and offers visitors a journey back in time, from 1850 to the present. The museum collects and preserves and displays all objects of historical value to the city from the early settlers, such as old newspapers and agricultural tools, clothing and other everyday objects, which provided insight into how the city lived its residents.

2. Suitable for residents in the Resistol Hat factory

Do not complete a visit to Texas without getting the original cowboy hat. Instead of just buying one from the shelf, go to the Resistol Hat factory. Visitors will be able to see how these hats have been made since the 1930s. The tour will guide you through each process and will last approximately one hour. You will appreciate the best hats when you get a souvenir shop on the site.

3. Visit the Rocket Creek reservation to communicate with nature.

Rowlett Creek Preserve is one of the best gardens in Garland, with gazebo, green trails, and hiking trails, an ideal place for hiking or family picnics. Completely good if you want to spend a quiet day, but you can try one of the trails, and rewarded with the spectacular views of the city. There are also decent bike paths to fix your adventure off the road.

4. Enjoy an outdoor walk in Spring Creek Park

If you have a small family, Spring Creek Park offers an excellent option. The park has a playground, hiking areas and a fishing pier, which is best suited for those with young children. There is also a relatively easy walk of 1.3 miles (1.3 km) that takes you to the local flora and fauna, some of which are over 300 years old.

Whether it’s a beautiful cruise on the Twin Cities waterways, crowds of music lovers at various festivals, a little taste of celebrity history, or enjoying the beautiful green and blue surroundings, Garland offers a great number of people. Of the options for you to choose. You can zigzag across the state from south to north and find unique adventures to keep you entertained throughout the summer.

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